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2When we first formed Whiting Investments Inc. in 2012, the aim was always quite simple – to make sure we gave all of our clients the best chance possible to be a legitimate success. Today, that ethos drives us further and spurs us on to be the best real estate firm we can be in Metro Detroit.

Our primary aim is to be the first conduit for any buyers who are looking to get involved, whether it’s for investors, landlords or occupants. Our steady eye on the market and our keen aims to always drive the finest price and the best deals means that we help people find quality properties in the Metro Detroit area at valuable prices.

Bargain prices is something we want to try and make more commonplace, as the real estate market needs more value. Lost in the sea of excessive pricing is brilliantly costed properties, and we formed as a real estate firm in Michigan to help change this and give buyers a better chance.

We appreciate that to move property on quickly, it needs to be profitable as well. As the buyer, you want to know you are working with a real estate group  who can take the bull by the horns, wrap up a sale quickly, whilst still getting the best profit possible from each deal.

Well, we take out the need for wondering what might have been from the equation – we provide easy access to quick sales whilst leaving plenty on the table for all buyers. This means that everyone wins – there is a profit, a quick turnaround and a wonderful property waiting at the end.

At Whiting Investments Inc, we keep one eye on the bottom end and one eye on the quality of the transaction and the deal occurring. This means that nobody ever has to feel under pressure, and everyone is capable of getting the finest outcome possible.

All of our properties are listed quickly and with great detail, and are updated on a regular basis so buyers and potential buyers can stay well within the loop. Regular e-mail announcements are made, as well, with new homes which are for sale being offered out to anyone wishes to be a part. This helps us keep not only our own agents under full knowledge of what is going on, but all interested parties.

We hate the lack of openness and transparency within the real estate market, and we want to change the record. As a properties group you can rely upon to make decisive and correct calls, we help to make sure there is a win/win/win solution so that the buyer, seller and ourselves make a happy conclusion possible.

Our team move quickly to get deals done and we make sure there is plenty of notice to all involved, so we leverage our expertise to make a critical difference for everyone. If you are interested in knowing more about how to get involved with lightning quick deals and want to find the best properties in the Metro Detroit Michigan area at prices that won’t make your eyes hurt, get involved!

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